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The aim of our project is to mitigate human-elephant conflict through elephant acoustic based early warning systems, thereby garnering local support for long-term elephant conservation. We are thus attempting to promote human-elephant coexistence along the Kaziranga - Karbi Anglong landscape through the following objectives:

1. Developing an extensive database of vocalisations and associated behaviour of both captive and free ranging wild elephants in the region to create a better understanding of Asian elephant communication along this landscape. 

2. Assessment of the degree of human-elephant conflict in the region through the mapping of the nature and extent of existing conflicts, evaluation of the efficacy of present mitigation measures, and a sociological survey of peoples' attitudes towards elephants. 

3. Developing and deploying a device called Elephant call Detector (ECD) which works under a standard protocol of detecting elephant calls from the soundscape to alert the villagers with public broadcast systems about the presence of elephants in a particular area. (will be taken up in future)

A spectrogram of chirp (elephant call)- visual representation of sound.

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